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5 Cool Ways Home Automation Makes Life More Convenient

by Ann Ferguson

Wouldn’t it be nice if your home could take care of the little details by itself? Like lights turning on and off without you tracking down each light switch or knowing that your home is extra secure. With smart home automation, it can!

You can automate your lights, security, thermostat, home entertainment, and so much more! That means less time taking care of the little things and more time for yourself!

But instead of just saying smart home automation makes life more convenient, why don’t we show you?

Home Entertainment Automation Ideas

Fancy home theater with lots of lights

Let’s start with the super fun stuff — home entertainment automation! You won’t believe what your smart system is capable of!

  • Music: control every part of your listening experience using a single device or voice command while keeping your speakers hidden. And you have multi-room audio that seamlessly plays the same playlist from room to room or plays separate playlists per room!
  • Home Theater: make it so that once you hit play, the lights automatically dim to the best movie-lighting settings. You can add dimmed floor lights like in a real movie theater!
  • TV: Set it so that your TV turns on your favorite channel once you arrive in the driveway or garage. Or set bedtime settings, so all the TVs turn off at a set time so your kids go to bed sooner and you save energy!

Smart Security Ideas

Closeup of woman observing baby on her smartphone

Keeping your home secure takes a lot of effort unless you have a smart security system. With these systems, you’ll have peace of mind and more time for yourself!

  • Smart Door Locks can automatically detect once you leave the house and lock the door (can use geofencing based on the phone’s location). And you can set individual codes for everyone who lives in the house.
  • Smart Video Doorbell lets you know the instant someone is at the door before they even knock! Great for checking in on deliveries or porch thieves!
  • Video Surveillance helps you keep an eye on your kids or newborn baby in the crib much easier than any baby monitor!
  • Leak Sensors monitor gas and water leaks and notify you before things become a significant problem. If things become a large problem, the system can even notify the authorities for you!
  • Smoke & CO Sensors can detect problems early and distinguish between burnt toast and real fire. You can even create a trigger where, once it senses danger, it triggers the lights to lead you out the door.
  • Bedtime Alarm is where you set “bedtime” settings, letting your smart security system automatically know when it’s time to arm the house — no more forgetting before you go to sleep!

Brilliant Illumination Ideas

Woman turns on lights using smartwatch to get a glass of wine from the fridge

You might not think it, but lighting is a big part of your home. You use lights everywhere: in the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, closets, and more. So, just think of all the convenient things you can have smart lights do!

  • Automatically dim or brighten according to the time of day, like dimming the lights around bedtime to help you get ready for bed and turn them off after a period.
  • Wake up with “sun” by creating a light alarm where the lights gradually brighten and turn on like the sunrise — much easier than waking up to a jarring alarm!
  • You don’t need to be a child to appreciate night lights! Have low lights automatically on in the kitchen or bathroom you walk in for a midnight snack or a nighttime trip to the bathroom!
  • Motion-sensing lights are the epitome of convenience! Add them outside to turn on as you walk up the pathway in the dark, or set it, so your garage lights turn on once the door opens!
  • Never come home to a dark home using geofencing with your porch lights, so they turn on once they sense you’re pulling up.
  • Combine your lights with UV sensors, so your porch lights or backyard lights automatically come on when it senses the sun has set.

Pro Tip: No matter what you want your lights to do, your custom integrator knows how to make it happen! Ask, and you shall receive!

Smart Thermostat Ideas

Keeping comfortable in your home is simple; just use the thermostat! But with a smart thermostat, it gets even simpler. No more fighting over who touched the thermostat — you’ll have complete control with one device!

  • Combine your smart thermostat with geofencing to turn on the heater or AC when it senses automatically you are close to home or turn everything off once you’ve left the house.
  • Integrate it with smart shades and keep your home at the optimum temperature using the least energy (let the sun warm up your home or keep the shades down to keep it cool!).
  • Add window open-close sensors that trigger your thermostat to switch to energy-saving mode whenever the windows have been open for a period — no more worries about wasted energy!
  • Get tailored recommendations from your smart thermostat and see how much energy you use in each room!
  • Change the temperature per room with separate HVAC systems and completely control each one!

Other Smart Ideas

Blinds automatically open with the appearance of the sun

The great thing about smart automation is there are very few limits to what you can automate and make your life more convenient!

  • Add vibration sensors to your washing machines to make them “smart” and notify you when a cycle is done.
  • Use smart lighting to spotlight the trash whenever you open the garage door as a daily reminder.
  • Reduce bathroom humidity, so the fan automatically turns on whenever it senses too much moister and turns off when it returns to normal (don’t waste any more energy!).
  • Set your shades to open when the sun does to wake you up in the morning!
  • Make your bathroom smart with smart showerheads, mirrors, faucets, and toilets — you can even put in heated floors you can automate!
  • Use smart plugs to smarten anything else in your home!

Are You Ready to Get Smart?

Now that you know what your smart home can do, don’t wait — get started at EdgeUp Technology today! All you have to do is tell our team what smart automation solutions you want, and we’ll make the necessary plans to make it happen. Think about it, and it’ll be yours!

Contact us today to set up your consultation appointment! Your convenient life awaits you!