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3 of the Top Home Audio Video Trends for 2019

by Product Specialist

3 of the Top Home Audio Video Trends for 2019

Explore the Latest Developments in Home Entertainment Technology

Among some of the most prominent trends that we at EdgeUP noticed: 8K resolution entered the mainstream, Amazon Alexa took the world by storm and wireless speaker systems continued to grow in popularity.

So, what should we expect in 2019?

Already, some significant home audio video trends are emerging early in the new year.

Below, we’ll explore three of those home entertainment trends. Simply keep reading to find out more and reach out to us directly to add them to your Lancaster, PA home.

Voice Control Expansiob

As much as voice control exploded onto the scene in 2017, we expect that technology to improve and expand this year.

For example, the companies behind voice-control technologies continually are enhancing their systems’ artificial intelligence capabilities so that they recognize commands more effectively and efficiently.

In addition, these companies also are adding new integration capabilities with other technologies.

You already can control your wireless speaker system or change your TV channel with just your voice. Expect the ability to control more in your home as voice-control technology improves.

While Amazon Alexa is the voice control leader in the current market, we also expect significant growth from other systems as 2018 progresses.

Some additional voice-control products to keep an eye on include Google Home and Apple’s HomePod, among others.

TV Concelament Opportunities

Late in 2017, Samsung revealed a revolutionary new TV called “The Frame.”

The 65-inch 4K Ultra HD TV produces stunning image quality. But that’s not what makes the TV special.

When the TV is off, the screen can showcase any piece of art – whether it’s a painting, a print or a photo – so that it appears your TV truly is hidden.

The trend of TV concealment has continued early into 2018, as well.

Only days ago, LG unveiled a new 65-inch 4K OLED TV that happens to be rollable – meaning it can raise and lower into a cabinet within moments, just by pressing a remote.

While the new rollable TV isn’t ready yet for a release to the public, it shows a broader trend emerging in home audio video: Just like how you can hide speakers, it’s becoming more common to hide your TV.

Larger TV Screens

At CES 2018, several of the most prominent TV manufacturers revealed new TVs.

One common theme we’ve noticed: There’s an overall trend toward larger screens.

LG revealed an 88-inch OLED TV, for example, and Samsung and Sony each unveiled 85-inch screens.

But those all pale in comparison to Samsung’s newest television: “The Wall.”

Yes, Samsung actually unveiled a cutting-edge 146-inch MicroLED TV that – while still is an early prototype – signals televisions are trending larger.

Here’s another trend to keep an eye on in 2018: The 88- and 85-inch TVs revealed by LG, Samsung and Sony at this year’s CES all had one thing in common – they showed content in 8K resolution.

Just as quickly as 4K entered the mainstream, 8K technology is beginning to emerge.

If you want to stay up-to-date on the latest home audio video trends, we encourage you to reach out to our team. We at EdgeUP can provide custom Technology for homes in Lancaster, PA and beyond.

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